Property Developments


Client: A&M Hirsch Family Trust
Value: R8 million                           Size: 6500m2

Hirsch`s Meadowdale - on time and on budget

Hirsch`s Meadowdale - on time and on budget




Conversion of an existing warehouse into showrooms, offices and an executive apartment.


The architect produced a design concept, Key Projects developed the details of the final product with the contractor, with very little further architectural design input. Detailed design development was done on a daily basis, on site, in consultation with the Client.

A very hands approach was taken to ensure the project was completed within the initial budget.

Coordination was done on a daily basis with the contractor to ensure that the very tight project schedule was achieved. Whilst demolition was progressing, a number of structural challenges were encountered that we managed very closely to allow construction to proceed.

The full design and conversion was completed in 4 months.