Property Developments


Client: A&M Hirsch Family Trust
Value: R15 million                           Size: 5000 m2

Margaret and Alan Hirsch proud of their new store

Margaret and Alan Hirsch proud of their new store


The Hirsch’s bought two adjoining residential properties, which were consolidated & rezoned. Run off from a Municipal road discharged directly between the 2 original sites, which over the many years had contaminated the soil. Even though construction was delayed by a week due to having to rework isolated portions of the site, as well as due to 3 weeks of rain, the trading date was not compromised. The Municipality were also only able to provide power 1 day before the formal opening of the store; a close call.


Key Projects were called upon to provide a full service and performed the roles of Development, Project and Construction Manager. Whilst the Local Authority approval took 9 months we planned and delivered the construction in only 3 months.