Property Developments


Client: Key Developments consortium
Value: R34 million                           Size: 500m2 retail, 900m2 office, 32 apartments

On time against the odds

On time against the odds


A mixed use development which is situated on Palm Boulevard, the “designer” cobbled & landscaped road leading to the Gateway Theatre of the Gateway shopping complex’s main entrance fountain & restaurant quarter. There are 2 retail levels, the first faces onto Palm Boulevard, whilst the second faces onto the central Piazza which unifies all of the neighbouring mixed use developments in the Palm Boulevard Precinct. There are 3 levels of office space, which overlook Palm Boulevard. The apartments are split into two separate blocks connected by bridge type walkways. The first block is an extension of the retail & commercial component fronting Palm Boulevard. The views of the precinct are stunning, particularly from the penthouse units. The second block is a four storey block that overlooks the cosmopolitan vibe of the Piazza level below.


This high-rise project was built during the “construction boom” where construction prices became inflated & project viabilities were placed at risk. Initially tender prices on this project were unrealistically high, but once the market realised that Key Projects had the capability, capacity & skill to build the project themselves, the pricing became more realistic.

Certain concrete elements on one of the levels failed due to contaminated concrete received from a readymix plant. An innovative engineering solution ensured that the program was not affected.

This development was one of the few projects in Durban to finish on time during a period of sustained inclement weather delays.

`Key Projects played a vital role from beginning to end in ensuring the success of this project. They went way beyond their brief and never left any stone unturned. I do mean this!` Dave Williams-Jones - FWJK Quantity Surveyors