Property Developments


Client: Hirsch family
Value: R10 milllion                           Size: 3,000m2

Another successful Hirsch Home Store

Another successful Hirsch Home Store


Hirsch`s is a family owned home furniture and appliance business established in 1979.

The Hirsch`s name is associated with service, delivery, backup and the best brands and whose mission is to provide superb service.


The Hirsch`s, wanted a significant presence close to Gateway and they made an early decision to open before Gateway. As such, the Home Centre was the first building to commence construction in this section of the Park, with roadworks under way and services such as water and electricity unavailable. Several tenants were accommodated within the Home Centre and their requirements had to be co-ordinated quite late during construction.

The Hirsch family demand the same level of customer service and delivery as what they offer their customers, this is what they got from Key.